“Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful hamper you gave to my children and myself at Christmas. It meant the world to know that we are not alone.” ~Hamper Recipient

Dear Friends,

Receiving a generous and thoughtful gift at Christmas can truly touch the life of another person, particularly if they are going through a challenging time. Thank you to our existing donors for your past support and a warm welcome to our new donors! We hope you will join us in spreading some Christmas cheer to our clients this year.

2018 Hamper Donation Options

Option 1:
Personalized Hampers for this Women and Children who have accessed our services this past year.

Single Women – We match you with a single woman and provide you with her personal wish list.
Women with Children – We match you with a family and provide you with their personal wish list.

Option 2:
Hampers for our “Shelter Families”

Women & Children who arrive after Christmas Hamper Weekend and are at our Shelter for Christmas. Your donated items help us fill hampers for these families so they have something to open on Christmas morning.
• Gifts for all age categories are welcome.
• We will provide a list of gift ideas.

Spread the cheer throughout the year!

  • Grocery Gift Cards  are a great help to ensure that clients’ food needs are met year long.
  • Gift Cards are an ideal way to help year-round. They provide solutions for specific and unforeseen circumstances and are easily stored in our limited space.
  • Items for use in the Shelter. These items help us provide care and comfort to our clients. Shelter Hamper Wish List 2018
  • New Home Start-Up Hamper. You can help us to create care packages that will help women set up their new
    household when they leave the Shelter.  New Home Start Up Hamper 2018

Please look at our Hamper Guidelines 2018

To complete a donor form, click here. Upon receipt of your donation form, we will contact you to provide additional information as well as the type of wish list you’ve requested.

This year’s Hamper “Weekend” takes place from December 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, at our Community Office. Your specific drop-off date, along with office hours, will be included with your wish list package.

Please feel free to contact us at any time at Christmas@vwth.bc.ca or by phone at 250-380-7527 ext. 110.

Warm thanks for your support!

Best Regards,


Jannah Cunningham, Christmas Hamper Program Coordinator