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M’s Story

In the eyes of the community, M, age 55, was the picture of success: attractive, living in a lovely home, a gregarious husband.

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Kate’s Story

Only a month prior to Kate moving into our third stage housing facility, her situation had been desperate.

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Donor Story – Marion

Marion Evamy and Red Art Gallery “We support the Victoria women’s Transition House because they offer a sanctuary for women and their children, escaping the horrors of domestic violence. Unfortunately, our government social services and legal system are unable or unwilling to provide safe havens for these women, so they are often forced to live with their lives constantly in danger. VWTH provides these frightened women the strength and resources needed to break free from the cycle of abuse. I can’t think of a organization that is more needed or important in our society. I am fortunate to have never been the victim of domestic abuse, but have known several […]

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Donor Story – Samantha

Samantha Dickie is a Victoria-based artist who specializes in ceramic sculpture and installations. Her award-winning work has been exhibited across Canada, most recently at the Fifty Fifty Gallery in Victoria. Samantha is also a well-known philanthropist, supporting non-profits and projects through her Viveka Foundation Fund held at the Victoria Foundation. For the past three years Samantha has supported Victoria Women’s Transition House with a generous donation that is split between the children’s Violence is Preventable Program and the Family Law Advocacy Program. There is so much need in Victoria, why have you made the decision to donate to VWTH again this year? VWTH is one of the most critical organizations […]

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