We believe raising awareness and offering prevention options for intimate partner violence and abuse are an important part of building a healthy, safe community.

VWTH offers educational presentations and engaging discussions surrounding the issue of intimate partner violence and abuse against women. There is no charge for this service.

Our presentations cover a wide range of topics and are completely customizable to meet the needs of the audience.

Please contact Maya, our Community Education Coordinator, at mayas@vwth.bc.ca for further information.

Current Workshops and Presentations Include:

The History, Values, and Services of VWTH

VWTH began as a grassroots organization in the Victoria community in 1974. Through community support and collaboration, we have expanded our programing throughout the years to meet the needs of our clients. With over 16 active programs, our services stretch far and wide!

The Current State of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Canada

With the inclusion of IPV statistics at a local, provincial and federal level, it is clear that intimate partner violence is an epidemic. There are ways to take action and get involved, but education is the first step.

Technology-facilitated Gender Based Violence

Technology-facilitated gender-based violence is on the rise within our communities. This can be perpetrated through online harassment, monitoring and surveillance, doxing, abusing assistive technologies and more. We made sure to include some resources on how to stay safe in the virtual realm.

Older Adult Abuse and Neglect

What is elder abuse? Risk factors include isolation, financial, multi-cultural and physical/emotional abuse. Discussion, resources and information about interventions and support services for those currently experiencing abuse, survivors and families/support service workers.

Click here to read and download our full Older Adult Abuse & Neglect handout (page one below).

Intimate Partner Violence and Brain Injury

Coming soon …

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