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Ministry of Children and Family Development Provides a wide range of programs and services in communities across BC.

B.C. / Yukon Society of Transition Houses Represents 94% of all shelters in B.C. and the Yukon. They also represent the 56 Children Who Witness Abuse counselling programs across B.C.

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence National resource centre for all Canadians seeking information about violence within the family and looking for new resources being used to address it.

Ending Violence Association of British Columbia Provides coordination and support to Specialized Victim Assistance Programs, Sexual Assault/Women Assault Centres, Stopping the Violence Counselling Programs and other similar Programs.

Victoria Sexual Assault Centre Provides crisis intervention, justice related support services and counselling programs for those affected by sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse.

WEAVE-Women Escaping a Violent Environment A nationally (USA) recognized non-profit agency specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention and victim assistance.

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network A non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., operates America’s only national hotline for survivors of sexual assault.

CAVNET-Communities Against Violence Network A nonprofit based in Washington DC. working internationally to address violence against women, youth violence, and crimes against people with disabilities.

Domestic Violence Information Center A division of the Feminist Majority Foundation website. This foundation engages in research and public education efforts aimed at advancing women’s empowerment and equality worldwide.

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse Supporting education, research, and access to information about violence.

Hot Peach Pages / Abuse Help Lines Search site for agencies in your province that provide help around issues of violence (domestic violence, family violence, spousal abuse, spousal assault, dating violence, and battering).

Canadian Women’s Foundation Raises money and makes grants to help stop violence against women and build economic independence for women and their children.

Alliance of Five Research Centres on Violence

British Columbia/Yukon Feminist Research, Education, Development and Action Centre (FREDA) Research and Education for Solutions to Violence and Abuse (RESOLVE) Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la violence familiale et la violence faite aux femmes (CRI-VIFF) Muriel McQueen Ferguson Centre for Family Violence Research

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Community Resources

Victoria Women’s Transition House Society – 250-385-6611 (Crisis Line) Emergency shelter, information, support and counselling for abused women with or without their children. 24 hour crisis line.

The Cridge Transition House for Women – 250-479-3963 Emergency shelter, information, support and counselling for abused women with or without their children. 24 hour crisis line.

Sooke Transition House – 250-642-2591 Emergency shelter. Information, support and counselling for abused women with or without their children. 24 hour pager.

Stopping the Violence Program, Victoria Women’s Transition House Society – (Victoria) 250-592-2927 ext. 202 Individual and group counselling for women who are currently experiencing abuse or who are survivors of abuse in an intimate relationship.

Spousal Assault Victim Support Program, Victoria Women’s Transition House Society – (Victoria) 250-356-1201; (Western Communities) 250-391-2864 Offers support and court preparation to victims of abuse in intimate relationships, information about the role of the criminal justice system and police involvement.

Children Who Witness Abuse Program, Victoria Women’s Transition House Society – 250- 592-2927 ext. 204 Helps children aged 3 to 18 recognize abusive behaviour, looks at alternatives to violence and breaks the inter-generational cycle of abuse, individual and groups. Support for caregivers.

Pacific Centre Family Services Association – Counselling programs for men who use violence – 250-478-8357 ext. 2230 Assessment and counselling for men who have abused their female partners and want to stop. Women’s program for partners of men in the men’s program.

Women Using Violence Counselling Program – 250-889-4930 For women who use violence towards an intimate partner.

Legal Services Society Family Law Website ( ) Legal information publications on family law matters, self-help materials, a section on resolving family law problems, links. This website is dedicated to helping people understand and use the law to resolve their family law problems and assist in the understanding of the legal system.

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services – 250-995-7351 Greater Victoria area police departments and RCMP detachments provide support services to residents of Victoria, the Western Communities and Sidney, through the Greater Victoria Police Victim Services Program.

Help Line for Children – 250-310-1234 Call to report child abuse and neglect.

Parents in Crisis – 250-384-8042; Crisis Line 250-386-6323 Support groups for parents of children aged 0-13

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Parents Together – 250-474-6468 Problem solving and support groups for parents who are concerned about their teenager’s behaviour.

Vancouver Island Crisis Line 1-888-494-3888      24 Hour Crisis Line Support and Resources Island Wide.

Victim Link (formerly Victoria Information Line): 1-800-563-0808 Trained resource people give advice and information about the services in your community to help victims of crime. Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Victim Services  – Phone – 1-604-660-5199,   Fax – 1-604-660-5340    Website:  Email:

Women in Need – Providing Gift Certificates, New Starts, Self Sufficiency Bursaries and Transformational Self Development programs for women to support them along their journey between crisis, self sufficiency and wellness.  Phone – 250-480-4006 ext 206 –

Youthspace – Crisis intervention service specifically for youth in Victoria, online chat at  – offers emotional support and crisis intervention for youth up to the age of 24, between the hours of 6pm and 11pm everyday except Wednesday.

Alcohol/Drug Information & Referral Service – 1-800-663-1441 For information on alcohol and other drugs, the names and locations of local counselling services, and of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, AlAnon, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Narcotics Anonymous and others. 24 hour service 7 days a week.

Men’s Trauma Center – 250-381-0493 Individual support and counselling for male victims of abuse.

Victoria Elder Abuse – 250-953-3966 A program designed to support and provide assistance to families with elder abuse issues.

BC Families in Transition (formally the Separation and Divorce Resource Centre) – 250-386-4331 Pre-separation consultation and individual counselling for people of all ages affected by divorce or separation. Groups for adults and children on issues related to family separation.

Intercultural Association – 250-388-4728 Services for immigrants including: settlement work, ESL classes, support groups, interpreters, etc.

Native Friendship Centre – 250-384-3211 Services and programs such as education, employment, social, health and community outreach for urban aboriginal people.

Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre – 250-361-9433 Services for immigrants and refugees including: settlement, ESL classes, pre-employment programs, etc.

Margaret Laurence House – 250-995-0058 Safe and supportive second stage housing for women with children who have left abusive relationships.

Cridge Centre for the Family – 250-384-8058 Programs include: individual counselling and support groups for women leaving abusive relationships, low cost rental housing, daycare, etc.

Stepping Stones for FamiliesReady to Rent – 250-388-7171                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Program offers a 6 week course to assist people to successfully securing housing and reach their housing goals.



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