Law Day – April 16, 2016

April 15th, 2016

Join us on April 16th for Law Day!

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March to End Sexualized & Gender-Based Violence – April 16, 2016

April 15th, 2016

Victoria Women’s Transition House is marching on Sat, April 16th in support of Ending Sexualized and Gender Based Violence and we would love for you to join us. We are meeting on the lawn of the Parliament Buildings at 11am. Look for the purple balloons. We have some purple VWTH t-shirts available but if you have a purple shirt, hat, coat, umbrella etc, please wear this as our shirt supply is limited. Please see the media release, below the poster, from the group to give you more info/context. We will be actually LEAVING from the Parliament Building site at about 11:30am and walking to Spirit Square where there will be speeches. PLEASE JOIN US!!! We hope to see you there, then. ~ Your Friends at Victoria Women’s Transition House

March to End Violence

Local Alliance Hosts April 16 March to End Sexualized & Gender-Based Violence

Join seven of Greater Victoria’s front-line anti-violence organizations on Saturday, April 16 at 11 a.m. for the ‘March to End Sexualized and Gender-Based Violence.’

This inspirational day will feature a march from the legislature to Spirit Square at Victoria City Hall, where speakers will raise awareness about the sexualized and gender-based violence children, youth, women and Trans survivors in Victoria experience.

“Violence affects all of us in so many destructive ways,” says Alexa Robin, coordinator of the seven-agency network and the Trans inclusion coordinator at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. “Sexualized violence in particular is a critical issue, because it’s a cultural norm embedded in gender roles and encompasses much more than sexual assault. Anyone who doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes in our society is at risk of violence.”

Speakers at Saturday’s event include

Esquimalt-Royal Roads MLA Maurine Karagianis; Acting Victoria Mayor Marianne Alto; Jeannette MacInnis, Director of Health and Ending Violence initiatives for the B.C. Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres; Chaw-win- from Tla-o-qui-aht and Cheklesaht; and Peers Victoria board member Natasha Potvin.

Ending gender-based violence remains an elusive goal despite decades of talking about the issue. Canadian research has repeatedly found gender to be the most important factor in whether someone is at risk for sexual assault. While women represent half of all victims of violent crimes in Canada, they account for 85 per cent of sexual offences reported to police.

Figures are even more alarming for women and Trans individuals with additional barriers putting them at even more risk of discrimination and marginalization, whether due to race, disability, poverty, sex-work experience, immigrant status, unemployment, or histories as abused children. One study has found that almost 70 per cent of women sexually assaulted as children also report being sexually assaulted after the age of 16.

“Together, we can do something about disturbing statistics like these,” says Alexa. “It’s been heartening to see the rate of violence falling in Canada in recent years, but sexualized violence persists. We need to see it for the distinct and deeply troubling issue that it is, and put the same level of effort into ending it that we have for other forms of violence.”

Everyone is welcome at the march, which will travel from the legislature to Spirit Square via Government Street. Community groups participating in the alliance hosting the march are:

* Victoria Sexual Assault Centre

* Victoria Intercultural Association

* Victoria Native Friendship Centre

* Victoria Women’s Transition House

* Peers Victoria Resource Society

* Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre

* Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society


For more information, contact:

Alexa Robin

250-383-5545 ext: 114


“40 for 40” Campaign

November 5th, 2015
Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas

Thank you, Victoria! We made it!!

Our sincere thanks to the 145 donors who gave a total of $41,129 to our Fall “40 for 40” fall fundraising campaign — our goal to raise $40,000 this Fall to mark our 40th Anniversary.

These much needed funds will be used to support the Victoria Women’s Transition House emergency Shelter as well as our services such as our Senior Women’s Programs, our Helping Children Heal Parenting Group and our Community Education and Outreach programs.

Special thanks to The Annual Foundation, Jeanette and Robert Furber, Marianne Noad and Scotiabank for providing the first $20,000 for our “40 for 40” Fall fundraising campaign.

To everyone, our heartfelt thanks!

PS – It’s not too late to make your donation. Victoria Women’s Transition House always has a program, project or service in need of financial support. Your donation goes directly to help our clients – the women and children we serve. To make a gift today, please click HERE.

For more information please contact Susan Howard at 250-592-2927 ext. 210.


Upcoming Events

July 24th, 2015

September is starting to get very busy!  Check out our Events page for a list of wonderful things that are happening.

Join Us for a Benefit Concert!

July 14th, 2015

Please join us for a wonderful benefit concert on July 19th at 2:30 pm.  We are delighted to have Elizabeth Clarke on piano, Lindsey Herle on violin and Liam Caveney on trombone.


My Experience at The Transition House as a CFCS Practicum Student

May 25th, 2015

My initial assumptions were of a house filled with women who are visibly bruised and battered, petrified of leaving the house for fear of seeing the abuser and experiencing the trauma all over again. A place where women and children had no voice and who were faced with unbearable rules and regulations which acted as a barrier against them moving forward in the change process.

Instead, what I encountered were staff and volunteers all advocating for women and children who are taking the steps in healing and creating a better life for themselves.

At Victoria Women’s Transition House, I see myself as being an advocate in the daily lives of women, with or without children, with whom I am offering my service; an opportunity to participate in supporting that transition to a life free from violence and abuse.

Looking from a feminist model, my experience at the Transition House, as a practicum student, is that of an environment filled with staff partaking on a daily basis as an advocate and activist, being that active voice for the women and children who are accessing their services. Services done in an effort to find applicable resources and supports needed in addressing the needs of these women and children in the hope of alleviating that extra stress associated with fleeing violent and abusive relationships.

My placement at Victoria Women’s Transition House aided in expanding my view on advocacy especially for the women and children of violence and abuse who I have observed within the house.

The knowledge gained in this placement, during both direct and indirect contact with staff, volunteers, and residents as well as through the study of available literature, inspired me in taking a more active role in being that extra support needed for the women and children of the house to take that next step of freedom.

Taking the first step towards change is often a challenge and can be scary in any individual’s life, but for women and children who are fleeing violent and abusive relationships it is more frightening when uncertainty and despair can be road blocks on their journey to a life free of violence and abuse.

As a student enrolled in the Community Family and Child Studies (CFCS) program at Camosun, on my way to acquiring a career in the Human Service Field where one of the practicing principle is to do “no harm”, being placed at the Transition Houses to fulfill my last year practicum was a dream come true for me and this opportunity gave me a bird’s eye view of some of the many faces of “the hidden monster” violence and abuse within our communities, faces I will now recognize as I proceed in my journey in becoming a CFCS practitioner.

Thank you Transition House for this great opportunity!

Juliana Negraeff, Practicum Student


April 17th, 2015

The VictoBCD_Poster_dr2ria Women’s Transition House society has been promoting its vision of a community free of relationship violence and abuse for forty years. A large part of creating this community is providing education to those who are experiencing domestic violence, those who witness it and community members who may see the effects of violence. Children who live in a violent home experience trauma, and it is part of VWTH’s mandate to educate the community of the impacts of that trauma.

Behind Closed Doors: Children Who Witness Domestic Abuse, is a 25 minute educational DVD produced by VWTH. Its aim is to give parents, caregivers, and community members, insight into how children experience life in a violent home. It addresses the impact that witnessing domestic violence has on the developing brain of infants and children, highlighting the effects it has on their behavior. This video also discusses the impact that witnessing domestic violence has on children in the long term, and within their future relationships.

This video is designed to be educational. It is not aimed at blaming parents, but at providing them with information to support their child. The language used is accessible and gender-neutral. There are scenes which depict a child’s experience within a violent home, but they are aimed at capturing the perspective of the child, not the abuse itself.

The DVD is divided into two parts. In the first part, clinical psychologist Dr. Sandra Wieland gives a clear and understandable explanation of what is happening for a child living in a violent home. She explains how the development of the brain is impacted by witnessing violence, and the results that this may have on a child’s behavior. This part offers a clear illustration of how a child may act out after witnessing abuse – and how abuse in the home can have a negative impact on their entire lives. Dr. Wieland also offers insight into how this trauma can impact the brain into adulthood.

The second part of the DVD offers advice on steps parents and caregivers can take to help children survive this experience with the best possible outcome. Shemine Gulamhusein – Shelter Program Manager for VWTH – provides insight into how parents can seek support for themselves and their children in order to safely remove themselves from an abusive situation. She also discusses how teachers and community members can respond to the behaviors resulting from witnessing abuse, and how to provide a safe space for children.

Victoria Women’s Transition House offers a Children Who Witness Abuse counseling program. This program helps children recognize abusive behaviour, look at alternatives to violence and break the cycle of abuse. It gives them the tools to deal with their feelings and experiences. Behind Closed Doors is an excellent learning tool for parents and community members, and a great reminder that there is support for children who are witnessing abuse.

Behind Closed Doors is available for purchase through VWTH, please contact us by email or by phone 250-592-2927.

We will also be screening the DVD as part of National Victims of Crime Awareness Week on April 23rd. The screening will take place at Cinecenta Theatre UVic at 2pm, to be followed by a panel discussion with Dr. Sandra Wieland (Clinical Psychologist), Shemine Gulamhusein (Shelter Program Manager), and Kerilee McLeod (Children Who Witness Abuse Counsellor). Admission is by donation.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

April 13th, 2015


National Volunteer Week takes place April 12-18, bringing awareness to the impact and difference volunteers make in our community. The theme this year of NVW -“Volunteers are part of the ripple effect”.

At Transition House, our Volunteers are invaluable in the work we do. They help us with many of the daily tasks associated with keeping the shelter clean, organized and stocked with food and clothing. Our volunteers garden, prepare meals for families, and answer crisis class from women looking for space in our shelter, or just a listening ear.  The presence of volunteers throughout the house, frees up staff time to meet the needs of women and families staying with us.

We often say volunteers are the heart of our agency, bringing a positive energy into the house through their selfless giving.  The work of our volunteers, directly impacts the lives of women and children in the shelter, and we believe this effect and the example they set, sends ripples into the larger community.

We are excited to welcome a new batch of 11 Crisis Line Volunteers, and 10 In house volunteers this month. Quite a few of our volunteers are venturing into their Masters Degrees in Social Service/Counselling related fields, or retiring from their duties after years of service- and we are grateful to have been included in their journey of giving.

During volunteer week we would like to send an extra big thank you to all our agency volunteers. Thank you for choosing to bring your own unique experience, skills and passion into our lives every day- Our volunteers rock!!

For more information about our volunteer program, please contact Rachel.

Film Screening Events April 23, 2015

April 2nd, 2015


More Help for Families with Children on Assistance

March 17th, 2015

The B.C. government is making the transition to employment easier for families with children who receive income assistance easier.  Read their press release here.

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