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Volunteer with us! New opportunity starting May 16th

Friday, May 5th, 2017

Come Volunteer with Us! (1)

We have an exciting new program and we are looking for volunteers!

Do you love to cook or learn about food preparation on a budget?  

Do you self-identify as a senior and want to give back to your community in a meaningful way? 

The Senior Culinary Inititave is an opportunity for seniors to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of women impacted by domestic abuse. Volunteers in this program will be divided into teams and each group will prepare meals and share their culinary knowledge on a bi-weekly basis with clients and residents at our Emergency Shelter and Third Stage Housing.

Through VWTH’s partnership with Diabetes Canada, volunteers will be offered a six-week training program to help prepare them for this culinary initiative and introduce them to VWTH programs and services.

Information and a skills development program for volunteers commences May 16th.  We are looking for 4 volunteers to join our crew. Please contact Liza Miles at or 250 592 2927 ext 221 if you are interested in volunteering for this program.

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

Monday, April 13th, 2015


National Volunteer Week takes place April 12-18, bringing awareness to the impact and difference volunteers make in our community. The theme this year of NVW -“Volunteers are part of the ripple effect”.

At Transition House, our Volunteers are invaluable in the work we do. They help us with many of the daily tasks associated with keeping the shelter clean, organized and stocked with food and clothing. Our volunteers garden, prepare meals for families, and answer crisis class from women looking for space in our shelter, or just a listening ear.  The presence of volunteers throughout the house, frees up staff time to meet the needs of women and families staying with us.

We often say volunteers are the heart of our agency, bringing a positive energy into the house through their selfless giving.  The work of our volunteers, directly impacts the lives of women and children in the shelter, and we believe this effect and the example they set, sends ripples into the larger community.

We are excited to welcome a new batch of 11 Crisis Line Volunteers, and 10 In house volunteers this month. Quite a few of our volunteers are venturing into their Masters Degrees in Social Service/Counselling related fields, or retiring from their duties after years of service- and we are grateful to have been included in their journey of giving.

During volunteer week we would like to send an extra big thank you to all our agency volunteers. Thank you for choosing to bring your own unique experience, skills and passion into our lives every day- Our volunteers rock!!

For more information about our volunteer program, please contact Rachel.


Monday, October 15th, 2012
We are recruiting seniors (55+) to volunteer with us!

VWTH has received funding from New Horizons for Seniors to educate the community about Elder Abuse and wants to actively involve seniors in volunteering. We have a number of projects that you can become involved in from creating and managing displays and publicity material to helping at our shelter. Click here to view or share the poster.
Join us in an information meeting Friday November 2 or 23, 9-11 a.m.
RSVP with Dianne at 592-2927 ext. 222 or email


Thursday, April 19th, 2012


This week is a dedicated to recognition of volunteers in Canada. At Victoria Women’s Transition House we honour each of the volunteers who have devoted many hours to support women and children who face the difficult issue of abuse in their lives. Our volunteers play with children, answer the crisis line, cook and bake, clean and organize, speak in the community, bake, pick up and sort donations, offer their specialized skills such as yoga or massage. Last year volunteers contributed about 130 volunteers contributed over 7500 hours.

Our volunteers go through an extensive training program – to quote one volunteer “I learned so much about this provocative issue and enjoyed the deep discussions and activities!” If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, call Dianne at 592-2927 ext 222 or see the volunteer section of the website



Monday, February 13th, 2012


Our Children Who Witness Abuse (CWWA) program playroom was in desperate need of an extreme makeover. With chipped paint, and looking drabby and sad the room, and the counselors were calling for help. As I am sure you can understand, the environment of this counselling space has an impact on the many children who enter it.

Answering the call came: Ruffell and Brown Interiors, Power to Be, Island Floor Centre, Harbour City Kitchen and Cloverdale Paint-Cedar Hill. With their combined support, and the work of other volunteers and staff the room has transformed to a brighter yet calm, safe and functional space.

In 2012 we are now providing an even more welcoming, comfortable, engaging, clean, and safe-feeling space for our many little clients!

Power to Be: Painter's in Action.

Power to Be: Painter's in Action.


Presenting Playroom 2012

Presenting Playroom 2012

JULY’S BLOG FOR A CAUSE – Call to Action

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Volunteering is a regular part of my life. I feel I must always be doing something to contribute positively to other people’s lives……

To read more….


Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


Volunteer Training – Week 3 and 4.

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Week 3 and 4 of Volunteer training focused on the impact of abuse on children.

The group brainstormed ingredients of effective parenting:
• Supportive
• Encouraging
• Active listening
• Reliable
• Loving
• Shows interest can care
• Set boundaries – say no
• Appropriately affectionate
• Non-judgmental and open
• Role model
• No favoritism – makes time for each; make each feel special and cared about
• Teach and provide guidance
• Flexible
• Demonstrate gender equality – balance of power
• Balance friendly and parent
• Have knowledge and wisdom
• Gentleness

We discussed how abuse can impact parenting.

In week 4 we met with the shelter children’s counselor and discussed strategies for dealing with behavior issues. Points raised from the wisdom and experiences of the trainees:
• Speak to the child in private – avoid public embarrassment
• Use I messages (I need you to …) vs. You Messages (You can’t…)
• Give time to allow the child to deescalate
• Learn about the child – find out what works for them and be flexible
• Emphasis on positive reinforcement – articulate what you see when something good is happening
• Try Diversion or distraction – change activities
• Provide choices
• Encourage empathy – how would you feel if … was done to you?
• Provide a choice or logical consequences

Housing Thousands of Women

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Plesae see our Curriculum and Resources page to see our newly added publication “Housing Thousands of Women”.

First Week of Volunteer Training.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010


An amazing group of new volunteers started training for the in-house and crisis line this week. At our first session we learned about each other, about Victoria Women’s Transition House, viewed It’s Not Like I Hit Her, did a simulation excercise to walk in the shoes of women trying to leave abuse, and had a great discussion!

Here are a few things that our wonderful volunteers do to replensih their energy: Yoga; Run; Swim; Journal; Listen to music; Sail; Bike; Take a bath; Get a massage; Be with their pets; Sit by a fire; Dance; Sing in a choir; Be in nature; Talk; Spiritual work; Hike and Read.

Books that were recommended for reading: Three Cups of Tea; Into Thin Air; Half the Sky; What is the What?; The Onion Girl; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; Eat, Pray, Love; and The Power of Intention.

For more information on how to become a volunteer at Transition House please follow the link below:

Training Dates:

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