March 29, 2012

Dear Friend,
“You are all so special to me and my son—we are very lucky to have known you! You ALL have given me confidence, helped me realize I don’t have to be superwoman, and given advice that will stay with me for years to come. Our lives have changed since we’ve come here and you’ll never know the gratitude I have towards you all…Thank you for an amazing transition and always supporting us”.   ~Letter from Shelter Client

Together in action we can help! This Spring Campaign’s success will support our mission to provide shelter, support, counselling and education to women of all ages, with or without children, so that they can live free from the effects of abuse in intimate relationships.

Women and children are taking the steps to new beginnings this Spring by making a phone call to the 24-Hour Information & Support Line, run out of our Shelter.

Women and children may reside in our Shelter for 30 days with support from the Women or Children’s Shelter Counselling Teams, or they might directly access one of our other programs with or without having stayed at the Shelter:

• Stopping the Violence Counselling for women;
• Children Who Witness Abuse Programs for the children;
• Advocacy and counselling through the Older Women Program;
• Support to victims of assault, threats or criminal harassment from our Spousal Assault Victim Support Counselling Program;
• Harrison Place/Regional Domestic Violence Unit/Community Education/Volunteer

These are just some of the ways that a woman’s first step, becomes a second step as the difficult journey begins. 

The support of you the donors, volunteers, and staff assist the women’s brave journeys that takes place each and every day. The journey isn’t a quick two week fix. Women with children often need their own counselling before they realize the impact on their children as well. Please read Silent no More in our enclosed newsletter, the story of one mother and her child who now have found their voices to speak.

Our Spring goal is to raise $45,000 of the $800,000 we need to raise each year.

Each year almost 4,000 women and children take steps towards a safe place but still need more. The Inspiring Women’s Circle offers a group for those who have used one of our services before to continue on the path beyond our other programs. It is a weekly gathering for women to come together and learn, share, have fun and support each other as the journey carries on. This innovative program is supported by our counselling staff and volunteers and allows the women’s journeys to continue.

When you donate, you are investing in people. You are ensuring the phone is answered to provide information and support, any time of day that it rings. You are providing counselling, education, support and advocacy for women and children.

Spring is the time to take a step, make a change, new beginnings. The success of these steps carrying forward along the path depends on the support of donors like you.

Please consider supporting us monthly so the steps can carry on. You may do so by returning the coupon/form on our blog.

The words of the client below show the difference your gift makes.

“Hope, courage, joy, dignity, surprise, being valued, self-esteem, and a sense of being recipient of huge kindness and generosity… Thanks to all of you, and I hope to pass this kindness to others in the future years. “ ~Thank you from Community Office Client   



Elissa Bergman
Revenue Development Manager
(250) 592-2927 ext. 210

PS.  The work of Transition House goes on all year and every year. Please consider remembering Transition House in your will.

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