Volunteer Training – Week 3 and 4.

Week 3 and 4 of Volunteer training focused on the impact of abuse on children.

The group brainstormed ingredients of effective parenting:
• Supportive
• Encouraging
• Active listening
• Reliable
• Loving
• Shows interest can care
• Set boundaries – say no
• Appropriately affectionate
• Non-judgmental and open
• Role model
• No favoritism – makes time for each; make each feel special and cared about
• Teach and provide guidance
• Flexible
• Demonstrate gender equality – balance of power
• Balance friendly and parent
• Have knowledge and wisdom
• Gentleness

We discussed how abuse can impact parenting.

In week 4 we met with the shelter children’s counselor and discussed strategies for dealing with behavior issues. Points raised from the wisdom and experiences of the trainees:
• Speak to the child in private – avoid public embarrassment
• Use I messages (I need you to …) vs. You Messages (You can’t…)
• Give time to allow the child to deescalate
• Learn about the child – find out what works for them and be flexible
• Emphasis on positive reinforcement – articulate what you see when something good is happening
• Try Diversion or distraction – change activities
• Provide choices
• Encourage empathy – how would you feel if … was done to you?
• Provide a choice or logical consequences

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